ACC PREMIER GEN2 CHASSIS SYSTEM - Short Action 700 Footprint

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An all-round refresh to the industry-defining ACC Premier. The ACC Premier GEN2 borrows improvements made with the ACC Elite, such as the taller integrated barricade stop, thicker and more rigid forend, and drilled holes along the top of the forend to take advantage of our NV and Control Bridge system. Rimfire competition shooting is on the rise, so we made the forend a compact 15” long to better accommodate a wider variety of barrel sizes.


An evolution of competitive shooting, the MDT ACC Premier GEN2 Chassis System offers superior precision, stability, rigidity, and customization, ensuring you have the edge needed to excel in every match.

-Features a compact 15” forend, comfortably accommodating barrels starting at 17”.


The ability to finely tune your hand position, cheek weld, and length of pull provides a comfortable shooting experience tailored to you. A wide array of optional accessories that expand and enhance functionality are also available.


Upgrade your rifle with ease and hit the range in no time. Simply drop your action into place and tighten two screws. No need for complicated gunsmithing.


V-Block bedding involves using a precisely machined tapered V-shaped block to secure the rifle's action within the chassis. Ensuring consistent contact between the action and the chassis, improving accuracy by minimizing movement during firing. V-Block bedding is crucial for achieving optimal accuracy and stability, making it highly valued in precision shooting.



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